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Lanthier’s Cajun Microwave Sales, LLC is located in South, La. We are a family owned and operated company that will build and customize a cajun microwave fit for your needs. We also have different accessories to go with your microwave. Cajun microwaves are like ovens,. You can use charcoal or wood and place it on the top tray, fire box, that covers the box. You meat goes inside the box, under the fire box. The charcoal, or wood, heats the inside of the microwave from 225 to 250 degrees F and your meat will remain juicy after it is cooked!!

You can also find cast iron pots, kitchenware, bbq grills and gas grills, plus much more here.

This family owned business is here to help make your cookout all you hoped it could be!!!


You can contact us at brenten@cajunmicrowavesales.com or harlie@cajunmicrowavesales.com


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